American Horror Story Season 4 Episode 3 Edward Mordrake, Pt 1

Season 04, Episode 03 – “Edward Mordrake, Pt 1”
Part 1 of 2. Jimmy is captivated by a woman claiming to be a fortuneteller. Meanwhile, Ethel receives surprising news.
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Nashville 2012 Season 3 Episode 5 Road Happy

Season 03 – Episode 05 – “Road Happy”
Juliette worries about filming a sex scene while trying to hide her pregnancy. Elsewhere, the extra fame Rayna’s gained as Luke’s fiancée has a negative effect on her kids; Kiley plans to leave town; and a homeless man makes an impact on Scarlett.
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The League Season 6 Episode 8 Man Land

Season 06, Episode 08 – “Man Land”
Kevin is offended by Pete’s new team name and refuses to repeat it. Andre and Russell become business partners.
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Franklin and Bash Season 4 Episode 10 Red or Black

Season 4, Episode 10 – “Red or Black”
Infeld fears he’s going to die when a mysterious invitation lures him to Las Vegas in the Season 4 finale. The guys follow him to Sin City, where they’re arrested for cheating a casino, leading to a court case.
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The 100 Season 2 Episode 1 The 48

Season 2, Episode 1 – “The 48”
An enemy returns in the Season 2 premiere. Later, Jaha makes a heroic decision.
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Blackish Season 1 Episode 5 Crime and Punishment

Season 1, Episode 5 — “Crime and Punishment”
The kids fear that an act of disobedience by Jack could lead to Dre and Rainbow going back on their word and reinstating spanking.
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Chicago PD Season 2 Episode 5 An Honest Woman

Season 02 , Episode 05 – “An Honest Woman″
The team springs into action after Voight is abducted, and Ruzek and Atwater track down a lead that may lead to a break in the case. Meanwhile, Burgess and Roman look for a girl who stole a police badge.
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Law and Order SVU Season 16 Episode 5 Pornstar’s Requiem

Season 16 , Episode 05 – “Pornstar’s Requiem”
A college student becomes a pornography star, and then she is sexually assaulted by some classmates who confuse fantasy with reality. When the case goes to court, the victim lands in the hot seat as questioning gets underway.
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Criminal Minds Season 10 Episode 4 The Itch

Season 10 , Episode 04 – “The Itch”
A series of mysterious deaths in Atlanta are investigated. The probe reveals the murders were likely committed by an UnSub with an obsessive skin disorder.
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Modern Family Season 6 Episode 5 Won’t You Be Our Neighbor

Season 06 , Episode 05 – “Won’t You Be Our Neighbor”
Phil is selling the house next door, and he and Claire can’t wait to have new neighbors—until they encounter an obnoxious couple who might buy it. Meanwhile, Jay is irate to learn that the grandfather of Manny’s girlfriend is his biggest rival in the closet business; and Mitchell and Cameron hear horror stories about Lily’s teacher.
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