The Paradise Season 1 Episode 8

Episode Name:Episode 8
Air date:11/13/2012
Summary:With the wedding fast approaching, a dangerous discovery in the dead of night ends up sending shockwaves through the store. Speculation and suspicion begin to fall on one man, and causes somebody else to admit to Moray that he witnessed a crucial incident. Denise returns to The Paradise but her true feelings for Moray become clear for Katherine to see. Moray announces a party for the staff to celebrate his marriage, forcing him to realise where his heart truly lies. Moray has a difficult decision to make.
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Teen Mom 2 Season 3 Episode 1 Walk The Line

Episode Name:Walk The Line
Air date:11/12/2012
Summary:In the Season 3 premiere, Leah prepares for her divorce; Jenelle tries to stay clean while on probation; and Kailyn wants to get back together with Jo.
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Ottolenghis Mediterranean Feast Season 1 Episode 1 Morocco

Episode Name:Morocco
Air date:11/11/2012
Summary:Yotam’s journey starts in Morocco’s most vibrant city, Marrakech, where he discovers the secrets of the tagine and explores the delicious street food. Yotam creates a succession of stunning recipes from the rooftop kitchen of his beautiful Riad: a barbecued leg of lamb with almonds and orange blossom sauce; herb infused cous cous with grilled cherry tomatoes; and sweet pastry ‘cigars’ with an almond and cinnamon filling. Yotam leaves Marrakech to visit the Atlas Mountains, where he meets and eats with the Berbers and learns their age-old method of making couscous. Yotam grills some beautifully fresh fish with a Moroccan twist, sea bass marinaded in chermoula and served with an herb and raisin salsa.
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Celebrity Rehab with Dr. Drew Season 6 Episode 10 Preparing For The Real World

Episode Name:Preparing For The Real World
Air date:11/11/2012
Summary:Outside the recovery center, Dr. Drew heads off Drewbee and convinces the troubled addict to return to treatment. Erika’s boyfriend Stefanos calls the center intoxicated and Erika realizes she must make a difficult choice between her sobriety and the man she loves. And later, one of the patients can’t take the stress and pressure of treatment and leaves the Pasadena Recovery Center for good.
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George Stroumboulopoulos Tonight Gerry Dee 2012.11.12

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Strippers: Cars For Cash Season 1 Episode 6 Sporting Legends

Episode Name:Sporting Legends
Air date:11/12/2012
Summary:The Ferrari, Porsche, Lamborghini and Alfa Romeo have a legendary status, but can the teams find a Sporting Legend within the £1000 budget?
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