The Next Iron Chef Season 5 Episode 3 Simplicity

Episode Name:The Next Iron Chef Redemption Simplicity
Air date:11/18/2012
Summary:Photographs that capture the personalities of each of the remaining chefs are used as the inspiration in a challenge, which is to create a simple bite that perfectly represents a challenger.
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The X Factor (Australia) Season 4 Episode 32

Episode Name:Season 4, Live Grand Final
Air date:11/19/2012
Summary:The three remaining acts left in the competition battle it out to be crowned this year’s champion.
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Buying Alaska Season 1 Episode 7 The Ultimate Alaskan Island

Episode Name:The Ultimate Alaskan Island
Air date:11/18/2012
Summary:Former Broncos kicker Jason Elam and his wife Tammy search for their own private island in Sitka, Alaska.
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Nicki Minaj My Truth Part Three

Episode Name:Nicki Minaj My Truth Part Three
Air date:-
Summary:Conclusion. Nicki Minaj prepares to release a new album.
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Chopped Season 13 Episode 9 Happy Turkey Gizzards Day!

Episode Name:Happy Turkey Gizzards Day!
Air date:11/13/2012
Summary:A Thanksgiving battle features gizzards in the appetizer round; pumpkin pie as an entrée ingredient; and desserts made with chocolate.
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Junior Masterchef Season 7 Episode 11

Episode Name:Series 7, Episode 11
Air date:11/19/2012
Summary:It’s finals week on Junior MasterChef and the final four are now competing to be the best cook in the country. They face the experience of a lifetime, cooking in a professional kitchen. Working under head chef Luke Thomas, they learn how to prepare dishes in service and must then impress specially invited guests. Will there be slip ups or can they excel every time? Next the stakes are raised for chef’s signature dish, whose ribeye steak will be perfectly peppery, mustardy and pink in the middle?
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Celebrity Rehab with Dr. Drew Season 6 Episode 11 Graduation

Episode Name:Graduation
Air date:11/18/2012
Summary:Graduation draws near in the Season 6 finale. Tension explodes when a duo strike against Deanna, forcing Dr. Drew to take action.
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Love/Hate Season 3 Episode 2

Episode Name:Season 3, Episode 2
Air date:11/18/2012
Summary:Nidge sets out to persuade Dano that he had nothing to do with his father’s disappearance but a scapegoat must be found. Nidge turns to ever faithful Darren for help.
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The Xtra Factor Season 9 Episode 25 Series 9 Live Show Extra 8 (Result)

Episode Name:Series 9, Live Show Extra 8 (Result)
Air date:11/18/2012
Summary:Caroline and Olly chat to the judges about tonight’s result and talk to the eliminated act.
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Ben 10: Omniverse Season 1 Episode 10 Of Predators and Prey (2)

Episode Name:Of Predators and Prey (2)
Air date:11/17/2012
Summary:While trapped and held prisoner in Khyber’s ship, Ben learns shocking details about the origin of the Nemetrix and the link between Khyber, Malware, and Dr. Psychobos.
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