Jennifer Falls Season 1 Episode 6 School Trouble

Season 1 , Episode 6 – “School Trouble”
Julia becomes concerned for Gretchen when her school performance plummets.
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Taxi Brooklyn Season 1 Episode 4 Precious Cargo

Season 1, Episode 4 – “Precious Cargo”
A foster mother is murdered, prompting an investigation by Cat and Leo. Before long, Cat is surprised by the bond she forms with one of the foster children. The case turns personal for Leo, who misses his own son in France. Meanwhile, Cat asks to open a case into a mafia family.
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The Fairly OddParents Season 9 Episode 14 Turning Into Turner / The Wand That Got Away

Season 9, Episode 14 – “Turning Into Turner / The Wand That Got Away”
Crocker pretends to be future Timmy using stolen DNA; Timmy and the others chip in to help Cosmo find his lost wand.
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Hot In Cleveland Season 5 Episode 16 Auction Heroes

Season 5, Episode 16 – ”Auction Heroes”
A handsome dating coach gets in the way of Joy’s confession to Mitch; Victoria is infatuated with a Cleveland screenwriter.
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Wilfred US Season 4 Episode 5 Forward

Season 04 , Episode 5 – “Forward”
Wilfred and Ryan have different recollections of a recent event.
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How the Universe Works Season 3 Episode 1 End of the Universe

Season 3 , Episode 1 – “End of the Universe”
How the universe could potentially come to an end.
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Mystery Girls Season 1 Episode 4 Pilot

Season 1, Episode 4 – “Pilot”
A reporter interviews Charlie and Holly, who recall how they reunited and became crime solvers when a devoted fan witnessed a crime and reached out to them about it.
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UFC Fight Night 45 Prelims 16th July 2014

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Suits Season 4 Episode 5 Pound Of Flesh

Season 4 , Episode 5 – “Pound Of Flesh”
Rachel becomes increasingly anxious about work, school, and the growing attraction between herself and Pearson Specter client Logan Sanders. Meanwhile, Louis helps Donna prepare for a major role while she encourages him to face his fear. Harvey and Mike agree to a ceasefire, but Sam accuses him of collusion and Mike learns how ruthless his new partner can be.
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Extant Season 1 Episode 2 Extinct

Season 1, Episode 2 – “Extinct”
Molly uncovers details of her mysterious pregnancy, when Sam gives her an ultrasound. Also, Kryger tells Molly about his own disturbing solo mission that the International Space Exploration Agency is keeping secret.
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