None of the Above Season 1 Episode 5 Smash and Grab

Season 1, Episode 5 – “Smash and Grab”
Dashing British engineer Tim Shaw takes science to the streets, to the pubs and to the clubs, on a quest to figure out why things do what they do. In this episode, Tim investigates the science behind Hollywood’s biggest car chases and explosions! With fireworks, gasoline and spray paint in the trunk, and a rifle in hand, Tim finds out which item will produce the biggest BOOM for the big screen. Then, he sets out to demonstrate the explosive power of … a single musical note?
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Death In Paradise Season 3 Episode 4

DI Goodman and the team investigate the death of air stewardess Natasha Thiebert at a local hotel, who looks to have been poisoned whilst the crew had an overnight stay on the island.
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Vanderpump Rules Season 2 Episode 14 Bitch Slap

Season 2 , Episode 14 – “Bitch Slap”
In the Season 2 finale, a lusty annual photo shoot turns dramatic due to Jax’s womanizing and Kristen’s alleged infidelity. Tension reaches the breaking point with a double showdown at Scheana’s engagement party.
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Britains Best Bakery Season 2 Episode 22

Three diverse London establishments go head to head, as they are challenged to make piped orange Viennese biscuits for judges Peter Sidwell and Mich Turner. Taking part are a pair of flamboyant Americans, a Turkish Cypriot and a French pattissiere.
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Hotel Impossible Season 4 Episode 2 Owner Overboard

Season 4, Episode 2 – “Owner Overboard”
After arriving in the Florida Keys, Anthony discovers that not everything is as idyllic as it seems in this sun-kissed, palm tree-lined corner of America when he is tasked with keeping the Creekside Inn afloat.
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The Bachelor Season 18 Episode 5

Breathtaking Vietnam becomes the romantic backdrop for Juan Pablo and the 11 remaining bachelorettes to continue their search for love. Renee is overjoyed when she is picked for a one-on-one date, but will she get the opportunity to tell the Latin heartthrob how she really feels? Nine women board Vietnamese bamboo circle boats for the adventure of a lifetime, but jealousy and resentment rear their ugly head when Juan Pablo appears to spend more time with one of the women than the rest. However, when he singles out Clare for some extended alone time, he is asking for trouble. Nikki is traumatized when she discovers that she and the Bachelor must rappel down 100 feet into a dark cave named Hell. There are plenty of tears from the women – and even the Bachelor – during a powerful and emotional rose ceremony.
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Rachael vs Guy Celebrity Cook-Off Season 3 Episode 5 Boardwalk Bites

Season 3 , Episode 5 — “Boardwalk Bites”
The celebrities are asked to put their own twist on French fries and create a signature hot dog while visiting Coney Island in Brooklyn, where chef Amanda Freitag serves as guest judge.
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Food Unwrapped Season 3 Episode 2

Jimmy travels to Iceland to find out why they supply most of the cod in our supermarkets, instead of our own British cod. Kate takes a look at why, unlike other popular fruits, British supermarkets seem to only stock one variety of banana. Matt learns more about the methods used to make popcorn.
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Food And Drink 2013 Season 2 Episode 2 Cheap Feasts

Season 2, Episode 2 – ”Cheap Feasts”
Tom Kerridge joins host Michel Roux Jr in the kitchen to reveal how the consumer can spend less on food without sacrificing flavour, creating a mouth-watering meal using breast of lamb for just £2 a head. Drinks expert Kate Goodman reveals the hidden costs in bargain basement bottles of booze, while comedienne and actress Arabella Weir argues that eating well is not an option for the poorest in society.
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Jimmy Kimmel Live! 2014.02.03 Sharon Osbourne

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