Charlie Brooker’s Weekly Wipe Season 2 Episode 2

Doug Stanhope is amongst the guests joining Charlie this week.
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Braxton Family Values Season 3 Episode 21 They Threw A Shoe At You?!?

Season 03, Episode 21 – “They Threw A Shoe At You?!?”
Tamar hosts Toni’s birthday, while Evelyn battles a stalker. Toni pushes the sisters too far in a ballroom dance class.
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Here Comes Honey Boo Boo Season 3 Episode 2

Season 3 , Episode 02
Anna and Jessica have boyfriends, and June is not ready to be a Grandmother (again). June and Sugar Bear each have painfully awkward sex talks with the older girls and their boyfriends. Meanwhile, Alana is feeling left out and needs a new hobby.
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Here Comes Honey Boo Boo Season 3 Episode 1

Season 3 , Episode 01
Sugar Bear decides he needs some man space so he gets a Man Camper, or Manper. While Sugar Bear enjoys his Manper, Pumpkin primps the girls with waxing and blackhead removal. But the family reunites for a trip to the Redneck Games.
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Storage Wars Canada Season 1 Episode 14 Canadian Pecker

Season 01, Episode 14 – “Canadian Pecker”
Guest auctioneer Patrick Pecker brings “the full Pecker” to the auction, fuelling his longstanding feud with Roy.
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The Soup 01.15.14

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Selling LA Season 4 Episode 13 Investing In Real Estate

Season 4 , Episode 13 – “Investing In Real Estate”
An important client recruits Merrie Kung to help him diversify his investment portfolio with a three-bedroom rental property in Westwood on a million dollar budget, a tall order. Meanwhile, Vanessa Fitzgerald’s client looks for a non-traditional office space for his music company. He wants it to be a work/live space with the amenities of a condo building.
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Appalachian Outlaws Season 1 Episode 2 Ginseng Fever

Season 01, Episode 02 – “Ginseng Fever”
Ginseng prices are skyrocketing, and outsiders like Greg Shook are flooding into to West Virginia to cash in, but he quickly learns that locals don’t take kindly to strangers. Meanwhile veteran sengers Ron and Obie have to pull their knives to keep a ruthless senger from pulling immature roots, and landowner Mike Ross resorts to guerilla tactics to keep poachers away from his honey hole. And as Tony Coffman’s new nemesis Corby “The General” Patton continues to poach his clients, Tony finds himself on the verge of failing to fill the first order of his career.
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American Idol Season 13 Episode 2 Auditions #2

Season 13, Episode 02 – “Auditions #2”
The conclusion of the two-part Season 13 opener features preliminary auditions.
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The Colbert Report 2014.01.16 Naquasia LeGrand

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