19-2 CA Season 1 Episode 3

Based on the award-winning Québec series of the same name, 19-2 is a richly-nuanced and character-driven drama surrounding the daily lives of two unwilling partners of the Montreal Police Department, Officers Nick Barron and Ben Chartier.
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Selling Houses Australia Season 7 Episode 2

Sue O’Neil loves all things pink and purple. She has purple hair, wears purple clothes and drives a hot pink ute. But her love of colour doesn’t stop there. Sue has extended her personality into her home, and her decorating style is leaving buyers eyes black and blue. Little wonder no one will pay $2.6 million for her disco inspired country estate. With a house the size of a large suburban block and seven acres of land, this is a makeover on a grand scale.
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Fleming The Man Who Would Be Bond Part 3 of 4

Part 3 of 4
Rothermere has a clear message for Fleming who is still pursuing Ann. In Canada Fleming is asked by the Americans to help out the CIA. When he returns to London he and Godfrey form a new squad of intelligence commandos to try and stop the nazis once and for all.
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The Moodys Season 2 Episode 2

Season 2, Episode 2
The Moody family gathers at the local RSL to celebrate Kev and Maree’s wedding anniversary. But in usual Moody style, the celebrations are disrupted
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Opposite Worlds Season 1 Episode 7 Life

Season 1, Episode 7 – “Life”
Players receive shocking new rewards and punishments; a new Worldly Challenge tests the player both physically and mentally.
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Face Off Season 6 Episode 5 In the Shadows

Season 06 , Episode 5 – “In the Shadows”
The remaining artists will walk on the dark side as they are tasked with creating supernatural entities based on mysterious silhouettes.
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Naked News 2014.02.12

Naked News is the only fully nude news program of its kind in the world that is real news, breaking news from around the world, sports, entertainment and infotainment programs delivered by a roster of completely naked, attractive and intelligent women. But nude news, nude weather, nude sports and nude entertainment is not all we are about. We have nude amateur auditions, nude celebrity models and our famous Naked in the Street interviews. Nude women reporting all the nude news you need to know to be informed and entertained at the same time. Very simply, Naked News is unique, there is nothing like us anywhere. The Naked News program is considered to have the best quality video on the Internet produced in multiple formats for streaming and downloads.
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The Biggest Loser AU Season 9 Episode 10

One team is not coping very well. ‘The Fridge’ makes a game-changing return to the competition especially for one contestant.
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Ghost Hunters Season 9 Episode 20 Family Plot

Season 9 , Episode 20 — “Family Plot”
The TAPS team visit Lucas, Ohio, where they investigate the 1896 case of a woman who killed her entire family, and explore the home of a Pulitzer Prize-winning author.
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The Restoration Man Season 3 Episode 6 RAF Bunker

Season 03 , Episode 06 – “RAF Bunker”
Furniture maker Jamie Brown has big ideas about turning a colossal and historic 15,000 square foot RAF bunker from World War II into his new home. However, with the Nottinghamshire bunker totally encased in earth, with no natural light, and the back section submerged in water, Jamie’s wife, who is about to have their first baby, isn’t so sure.
With its fascinating history and jaw-dropping engineering, George helps Jamie tackle this huge undertaking and discovers the important role it played in the blitz.
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