How I Met Your Mother Season 9 Episode 17 Sunrise

Episode Name:Sunrise
Air date:2/3/2014
Summary:While out looking for an inebriated Barney on the day of the wedding, Robin and Ted reminisce about past relationships. Meanwhile, Marshall and Lily finally resolve their issues and Barney befriends two young guys eager to meet women.
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Panorama Season 62 Episode 4 Educating North Korea

It’s one of the most closed and repressive societies on earth. Its ruthless young leader Kim Jong-un has threatened nuclear war against America and recently executed his own uncle. Yet in the heart of North Korea’s absolute ictatorship, a remarkable university – paid for by the west – is attempting to open the minds of the secretive state’s future elite. Panorama has gained unprecedented access to this most unusual of academic institutions, where foreign lecturers teach the sons of some of the most powerful men in North Korea. Reporter Chris Rogers lives with the students on campus and asks: can the class of 2014 help to bring the hermit nation in from the cold?
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Uncle Season 1 Episode 4 Favourites

Season 1, Episode 4 -“Favourites”
Errol’s grandmother, Joan, is holding a family lunch and Sam gets Andy to go along with him for some moral support. Errol’s uncle Rex returns from holiday and Andy starts a competition to win Errol’s sole affections.
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DCI Banks Season 4 Episode 1 Wednesday’s Child (1)

Season 4, Episode 1 – “Wednesday’s Child (1)”
A sinister child abduction apparently undertaken by a man and a woman claiming to be social workers takes place. DCI Alan Banks soon finds himself being drawn into a full-scale search for the missing boy.
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National Geographic Wild Man v Cheetah

Take nature’s fastest land mammal vs. two of the quickest and most elusive athletes in all of professional sports: who wins … and what shocking secrets are revealed? Nat Geo WILD gets a front row seat as the Tennessee Titans’ Chris Johnson and the Chicago Bears’ Devin Hester take part in an extraordinary first-ever one-on-one challenge against a cheetah. It’s the race of a lifetime that has never been attempted before as cheetahs from SeaWorld’s Busch Gardens race NFL’s finest.
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Chopped Season 18 Episode 8 Pizza Perfect

Season 18 , Episode 8 – “Pizza Perfect”
The chefs learn they will be expected to make a pizza perfect meal. In the first round one of the competitors takes a loose interpretation of the theme: How will the judges react? Then some unusual toppings must make their way onto the entree pizzas. And the finalists must make pizza for dessert, with candied mushrooms and salted caramel sauce.
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Britains Best Bakery Season 2 Episode 21

As the competition heads to the south-east of England, representatives of three bakeries from East Anglia – a worldly Australian, a Norfolk heritage bread baker, and a quirky pair of siblings – are put through their paces. They are challenged to get creative with enriched dough and spinach, and rustle up 13 lemon meringue pies against the clock.
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China IL Season 2 Episode 8

Steve’s dislike of The Beach Boys goes well beyond their music.
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NFL 2014 Super Bowl XLVIII Seahawks vs Broncos

The AFC champion Denver Broncos and the NFC champion Seattle Seahawks play for the championship of the National Football League at MetLife Stadium in East Rutherford.
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Cutthroat Kitchen Season 2 Episode 8 A Crepe-y Situation

Season 2, Episode 8 – “A Crepe-y Situation”
One chef has their arms full when they’re forced to do all of their ingredient shopping without the use of a basket. Then, someone needs to think fast when they have to start their huevos rancheros over from scratch. And one chef attempts not to get bent out of shape even though their crepe pan is.
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