Midsomer Murders Season 16 Episode 5 The Killings at Copenhagen

Season 16 ,Episode 05 – “The Killings at Copenhagen”
Eric Calder is murdered on a business trip to Copenhagen after he opens a tin of his company’s famous Golden Clusters. Danish detectives finds out that the toxic package was posted from Midsomer. DCI Barnaby closes down Calder’s factory just as it’s on the verge of pulling off a major deal with a Danish bakery. After another body is discovered, Barnaby and Nelson make their way to Denmark to work with the Copenhagen police in an effoert to solve the case.
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Line Of Duty Season 2 Episode 1

The violent ambush of a police convoy takes place in which three officers are killed and a protected witness seriously hurt. After evidence suggests that a police source could have leaked the convoy’s whereabouts, the Force’s Deputy Chief Constable, Mike Dryden, takes charge of the investigation.
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Waterloo Road Season 9 Episode 16

Chalky return to the scholl to offer support to Kevin ahead of his bursary interview. Kevin ends up being suddenly taken ill though. Nikki attempts to hide her betrayal from Vix. Audrey is determined to support Lula after she’s threatened with deportation.
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100 Days Of Summer Season 1 Episode 6 Kosher Kimchi Baby

Season 1, Episode 6 – “Kosher Kimchi Baby”
Ray bonds with Vince and Lonnie after his mother’s funeral. Meanwhile, Pascale scores success with her jewelry line; Jay seeks the perfect surrogate for his baby plan; and Tara faces a decision about her future with her boyfriend.
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Outnumbered Season 5 Episode 3

Dad’s god-daughter from Australia shows up and manages to have an unfortunate effect on the Brockman household
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The Ellen DeGeneres Show 2014.02.03 Jesse Tyler Ferguson

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Antiques Roadshow US Season 18 Episode 6 Detroit (Hour Three)

Season 18, Episode 06 – “Detroit (Hour Three)”
A Charles Schulz drawing of Linus, letters from Carl Jung and Sigmund Freud and etchings by Edward Hopper and John Sloan.
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Walking Through History Season 3 Episode 1 Wigan Pier

Season 3 , Episode 1 – “Wigan Pier”
Tony Robinson embarks on another expedition through some of Britain’s most historic landscapes. He begins with a towpath exploration of industrial engineering along the Leeds and Liverpool Canal. Setting off from Liverpool, he takes a three-day walk inland to Wigan, ending at the town’s iconic pier as he traces the story of the waterway’s chaotic construction and its impact on the development of Lancashire.
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The Late Late Show with Craig Ferguson 2014.02.11 Jason Alexander

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Restaurant Redemption Season 1 Episode 12 Session Bistro

Season 1, Episode 12 – “Session Bistro”
After investing over $200,000 of his own money into struggling restaurant Session Bistro, owner Joe Troy is in dire straits. So Ching heads to Maywood, New Jersey to give this confused fusion restaurant a serious menu and decor overhaul. By focusing the food on Joe’s Hawaiian heritage will the restaurant be able to say aloha to success?
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