America Unearthed Season 2 Episode 8 Underwater Pyramids

Season 02 , Episode 08 — “Underwater Pyramids”
Scott receives a tip that there are pyramids at the bottom of a lake in Lake Mills, Wis.
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America Unearthed Season 2 Episode 4 Vikings in America

Season 02 , Episode 04 — “Vikings in America”
The theory that the Vikings discovered America before Columbus is examined.
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America Unearthed Season 2 Episode 2 The New World Order

Season 02 , Episode 02 — “The New World Order”
Deep beneath the Denver Airport, conspiracy theorists say a revolutionary group that calls itself the New World Order is operating a secret base from which they’ll eventually obliterate our central government. Scott Wolter is determined to get to the truth about this wild allegation. Along the way, he uncovers secrets about the New World Order that suggest the group is connected not just to one, but two mysterious sites in America where coded messages portending the end of the world continue to mystify and even terrify the general public. What’s the truth behind the New World Order–and, will a tour of underground tunnels beneath the Denver Airport and the words of the only man who knows the truth offer new clues to suggest whether the NWO claims have merit or is just part of a modern day myth?
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America Unearthed Season 1 Episode 12 America's Oldest Secret

Episode Name:Season 1 Ep.12 America’s Oldest Secret
Air date:3/8/2013
Summary:Scott explores a mysterious tower in Newport, R.I.
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America Unearthed Season 1 Episode 11 Tracking the Templars

Episode Name:Tracking the Templars
Air date:3/1/2013
Summary:This episode doesn’t have a summary yet.
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America Unearthed Season 1 Episode 9 Motive for Murder

Episode Name:Motive for Murder
Air date:2/15/2013
Summary:The mysterious death of explorer Meriwether Lewis is examined.
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America Unearthed Season 1 Episode 6 Stonehenge in America

Episode Name:Stonehenge in America
Air date:1/25/2013
Summary:Geologist Scott Wolter has reason to believe America has its very own Stonehenge in New Hampshire. With the help of a young man who discovered an amazing connection between America s Stonehenge and Stonehenge in England, Wolter explores the possibility that the ancient Phoenicians are connected to both of these megalithic sites. At America’s Stonehenge, he uncovers many clues, including a sacrificial table and a mysterious message carved on a stone in ancient script that helps advance this provocative theory. He also discovers both sites are accurate astronomical calendars and that alignments with the heavens are incorporated into their design.
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America Unearthed Season 1 Episode 4 Giants in Minnesota

Episode Name:Giants in Minnesota
Air date:1/11/2013
Summary:Scott examines bones that were found by a Minnesota farmer.
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America Unearthed Season 1 Episode 3 Great Lakes Copper Heist

Episode Name:Great Lakes Copper Heist
Air date:1/4/2013
Summary:The mysterious disappearance of copper from Lake Superior is examined.
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America Unearthed Season 1 Episode 2 Medieval Desert Mystery

Episode Name:Medieval Desert Mystery
Air date:12/28/2012
Summary:Scott Wolter investigates a burial site in the mountains of Arizona, only to discover it may belong to a medieval Englishman.
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