Life Below Zero Season 2 Episode 6 Long Road Home

Season 2 , Episode 6 – “Long Road Home”
It’s summer in Chandalar, and the lack of food forces Glenn to pack his things and embark on the long journey back to Fairbanks. The low food supply makes this a race against time for Glenn. At the Hailstone camp, the family wakes up at the crack of dawn and embarks on their own journey to Agnes’s family camp to catch salmon for the winter months. In Kavik, part of Sue’s revenue comes from providing fuel for planes, but now she is completely out.
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Life Below Zero Season 2 Episode 5 No Time to Lose

Season 2 , Episode 5 – “No Time to Lose”
Summer is winding down and Sue needs to fill her freezer for the upcoming winter. She takes out the four-wheeler in an attempt to get close to a herd of caribou. Sue has plenty of options for a target, but it’s a long shot. Andy’s a believer in conserving resources, so this summer he is abandoning his king fish wheel for a fish net, which will take less of the dwindling salmon population from the river. But using a net is dangerous; fishermen have become caught in the line and taken overboard.
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Life Below Zero Season 2 Episode 4 Hungry Country

Season 2 , Episode 4 – “Hungry Country”
In Chandalar, Glenn is running perilously low on food. His only option is to take to the waters and fish, but vicious mosquitos, and fish that aren’t taking the bait, make it a bigger hassle than expected. Sue is startled by a strange shadow on the horizon, but after heading into the tundra to investigate, she finds nothing. Determined not to have let her efforts go to waste, she heads to a nearby coal seam to try and gather some of the “black gold”.
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Life Below Zero Season 2 Episode 3 The Mess of Success

Season 2 , Episode 3 – “The Mess of Success”
Sue, and her new staff member Rick, are almost ready for their paying guests to arrive at the Kavik River Camp. Just a couple details left to be dealt with: a lost filter for her water line and a missing shipment of frozen food. Without running water and food, her camp won’t open in time, which could devastate Sue’s livelihood. In Eagle, Andy and Kate are building a greenhouse that they hope will yield 80 percent of their food supply for the year.
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Life Below Zero Season 2 Episode 1 Hunt or be Hunted

Season 2 , Episode 1 – “Hunt or be Hunted”
With winter over, and the ice melting, remote Alaskans face new dangers and deadly challenges in the changing season. In Eagle, wildlife waking from their months-long hibernation pose a new threat to Andy and Kate, who must “eat or be eaten.” Chip and Agnes take advantage of the post-ice-break-up flooding to try and capture beavers and river rats forced from their homes. The fur they could provide will be a valuable commodity for trade, but the pursuit itself is difficult and dangerous.
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Life Below Zero Season 1 Episode 10 Hell and High Water

Season 1 , Episode 10 – “Hell and High Water”
On the brink of losing everything she’s worked for, Sue travels to Fairbanks, to officially buy her precious Kavik River Camp — or else she will be left alone in the cold. Moments before what could possibly be the worst spring breakup of the season, Andy and Kate must move their dogs to an alternate location, or they will die in the flood. In Wiseman, Erik prepares for grizzly hunting season by renting out his property to fellow hunters and guides.
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Life Below Zero Season 1 Episode 8 Checkmate

Season 1 , Episode 8 – “Checkmate”
In the remote corners of Alaska, there is a fine line between hunting and being hunted. Here, humans aren’t always on top of the food chain. In Kavik, Sue wakes up to a strange noise she knows is a predator lurking outside her tent. She must choose between hiding inside or asserting her dominance. In Eagle, Andy is fighting a different kind of enemy as he embarks on a trip across the Taylor Highway to tow home his newly bought sawmill, battling dangerous snowdrifts along the way.
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Life Below Zero Season 1 Episode 7 Cold Dark and Alone

Season 1 , Episode 7 – “Cold Dark and Alone”
During winter in the corners of Alaska, every day can be fraught with challenges. Sue sees few hunting opportunities this time of year in Kavik, but after a group of ptarmigan birds takes up residence in her yard, her mouth is watering for a special meal … if she can just get her aim on target. While out setting traps, Erik crashes his snow machine. With no part stores within a hundred miles, he must make an unscheduled trip to Fairbanks for repairs, leaving his trap lines to go unchecked.
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Life Below Zero Season 1 Episode 6 There Be Monsters

Season 1 , Episode 6 – “There Be Monsters”
This week’s episode of Life Below Zero puts the spotlight on couples. Kate joins Andy out in the wilderness for a challenging day of collecting lumber for their homestead. After a day filled with frustrations, Andy surprises Kate with a quick getaway to celebrate her birthday. In Noorvik, Chip and Agnes are working together on a major hunt that could determine their livelihood for the coming year. They’ll use the tactics of Agnes’ Inupiat ancestors in hopes of getting a leg up.
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Life Below Zero Season 1 Episode 5 Blood Sweat and Fear

Season 1 , Episode 5 – “Blood Sweat and Fear”
Sue runs low on fuel and calls for an air delivery, but mechanical trouble and an impending winter storm make travel difficult. Elsewhere, Erik deals with a crafty wolf.
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