Unsafe Sex In The City Season 2 Episode 6

Season 02 , Episode 06
Eve and Joel areconcerned that their ex-partners could have left them with more than just memories.Tony wants to overcome his fear of being tested to discover if never using a condom has left him with an STI.
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Unsafe Sex In The City Season 2 Episode 5

Season 02 , Episode 05
In Exeter, 21-year-old Scott has been partying so hard he can’t remember who he’s slept with. When his worried mates bring him in for his first STI test, he gets a sobering wake-up call. And will it be double STI trouble for brothers Robbie and Tom after a season of festival fun?In Leeds, 25-year-old Chloe is facing the prospect of her second STI, while ex-army recruit Carl has heard rumours that an ex may have given him chlamydia.
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Unsafe Sex In The City Season 2 Episode 4

Season 02 , Episode 04
In Leeds, Anne-Marie and Nathan are having a check-up before they get married. Will they get an all-clear in time for their wedding, and why has the bride-to-be had 25 chlamydia tests? Also visiting the clinic is transgender beauty therapist Sasha, who is concerned that her sexual health may stand in the way of her gender reassignment surgery. In Exeter, farmers Olly and Dan are heading for their first ever sexual health check-ups after enjoying wild nights at young farmers’ discos. Living in a close community, would a positive result hamper their chances of finding a wife?
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Unsafe Sex In The City Season 2 Episode 3

Season 02 , Episode 03
In Leeds, 18-year-old ladies man Ollie has been enjoying himself, mostly without protection, but will he listen to staff nurse Tim’s advice and ‘strap up’ or will he come back from his holiday in Magaluf riddled with STIs? 20-year-old Heather has been suffering with genital warts. During a visit to the clinic, staff discover there may be more going on downstairs than previously thought. How will this affect her new relationship and will her boyfriend be in danger too? In Exeter, farmer Greg is suffering with pain down below and his new girlfriend won’t sleep with him until staff have got to the bottom of it. The clinic team decide to take chlamydia testing to a young farmers foam party in an attempt to stop STIs spreading like muck.
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Unsafe Sex In The City Season 2 Episode 2

Season 02 , Episode 02
In Leeds, 23-year-old Krista and 20-year-old Emma have come to the clinic after enjoying the benefits of recently becoming single, while Geoff is facing the prospect of a third bout of chlamydia. In Exeter, Josh has had chlamydia before, but has he learnt from past mistakes? Ash worries that he could have passed on an STI to new boyfriend Jazz.
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Unsafe Sex In The City Season 2 Episode 1

Season 02 , Episode 01
Documentary exploring the dangers faced by young people who practise unprotected sex. A 19-year-old from Leeds who has been enjoying the benefits of an open relationship is prompted to visit the clinic after a sexual health scare before travelling to Spain to see his boyfriend. Meanwhile a man worries that he may have contracted chlamydia from an ex a woman is concerned about a potential unplanned pregnancy and another fails to see why the risk of STIs should stop her from experimenting sexually.
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Unsafe Sex in the City Season 1 Episode 4

Episode Name:Episode 4
Air date:11/14/2012
Summary:The cameras continue to follow the daily ups and downs of a Manchester STI clinic. Gary learns the hard way that it’s not just STIs condoms that are designed to prevent. Transsexual Jasmine hopes her high-risk sexploits won’t jeopardise her life-changing operation.
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Unsafe Sex in the City Season 1 Episode 3

Episode Name:Episode 3
Air date:11/7/2012
Summary:The cameras continue to follow the daily ups and downs of a Manchester STI clinic. John shows up at the clinic hoping he won’t be diagnosed with chlamydia for an astonishing fourth time. The staff offer sexual health care for the inmates of maximum security jail HMP Manchester and, following a drunken one night stand, 26-year-old student Ben attempts to persuade his girlfriend to lift a sex ban by proving he’s still STI-free.
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Unsafe Sex In The City Season 1 Episode 1

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