Vikings Season 2 Episode 10 The Lord’s Prayer

Season 02, Episode 10 – “The Lord’s Prayer”
Ragnar and King Horik return to Kattegat in the Season 2 finale. Meanwhile, new alliances are formed.
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Vikings Season 2 Episode 8 Boneless

Season 02, Episode 08 – “Boneless”
Aslaug prepares to give birth; Ragnar, Horik and Lagertha set sail for Wessex.
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Vikings Season 2 Episode 7 Blood Eagle

Season 02, Episode 07 – “Blood Eagle”
Ragnar and King Horik clash over how to punish Jarl Borg. Meanwhile, Ecbert eyes a new alliance.
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Vikings Season 2 Episode 6 Unforgiven

Season 02, Episode 06 – “Unforgiven”
King Horik presents a surprising proposition to Ragnar; Athelstan becomes confidant to King Ecbert.
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Vikings Season 2 Episode 3 Treachery

Season 02, Episode 03 – “Treachery”
King Ecbert faces a new foe; Ragnar races to dominate in the West.
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Vikings Season 2 Episode 1 Brother’s War

Season 02, Episode 01 – “Brother’s War”
The battle begins between Ragnar and King Horik’s forces against Jarl Borg. Borg is joined by Rollo, and this Viking clash pits brother against brother. There can only be one victor. Meanwhile, Princess Aslaug makes her way to Kattegat and brings with her a surprise that leaves Ragnar in a difficult predicament.
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Vikings Season 1 Episode 9 All Change

Episode Name:All Change
Air date:4/28/2013
Summary:At the behest of King Horik, Ragnar assembles a small party to travel to Gotaland (modern day Sweden) to resolve a land dispute with the area's leader, Jarl Borg. Ragnar's renown precedes him and Jarl Borg is intrigued–has he found a new ally or is Ragnar just a puppet of the king? Meanwhile in Kattegat, with a plague taking its toll on the village, the people look to Lagertha to help appease the gods.
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Vikings Season 1 Episode 8 Sacrifice

Episode Name:Sacrifice
Air date:4/21/2013
Summary:The traditional pilgrimage to Uppsalla to thank the gods brings a torrent of emotions for Ragnar, Lagertha, and Athelstan. Ragnar, pulling farther away from his wife, goes to make peace with the death of his unborn son. Lagertha, still reeling from her miscarriage, wants to find out from the gods if more sons are in her future. As the Vikings come together to sacrifice and give thanks to their gods, Athelstan discovers just how strong his Christian faith still is.
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Vikings Season 1 Episode 7 A King's Ransom

Episode Name:A King’s Ransom
Air date:4/14/2013
Summary:Three Viking ships sail upriver towards the very heart of power in eastern England: the Royal Villa of King Aelle. Ragnar Lothbrok has come looking for ransom in exchange for peace. However, King Aelle has a different plan in mind for these northern heathens.
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Vikings Season 1 Episode 6 Burial of the Dead

Episode Name:Burial of the Dead
Air date:4/7/2013
Summary:Ragnar, weak and still hurt, must meet the Earl head-on after it comes to light that Rollo has been tortured on Haraldson’s orders. The two men will come together face to face with a single outcome possible: Only one man will leave this fight alive.
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