Catfish The TV Show Season 1 Episode 1 Sunny & Jamison (Pilot)

MTV’s new docu-series “Catfish: The TV Show”, based on the critically-acclaimed documentary film “Catfish”, will focus on couples who have fallen in love online but have never met face-to-face. The series will follow filmmakers Yaniv “Nev” Schulman and Max Joseph on their quest around the country to tell the stories of these hopeful romantic partners. Each of the 12 hour-long episodes will be an emotional voyage to discover the truth about his or her significant other, with the journeys filled with mystery, surprises, and sometimes even shocking revelations. The series has not yet been assigned an airdate.

Episode Name:Sunny & Jamison (Pilot)
Air date:11/11/2012
Summary:A woman falls in love with a man who claims to be a model and a TV writer in the opener of this reality series, which examines the relationships of couples who met online and have never seen each other face-to-face.

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