Mr. Selfridge Season 1 Episode 7

Episode Name:Episode 7
Air date:2/17/2013
Summary:Rose learns that Harry has been suffering with nightmares and hallucinations and believes that he’s not ready to return to work so soon. Sir Arthur Conan Doyle is in the store for a Sherlock Holmes book signing, and Harry greets him. Harry wants the senior staff to improve and reinvigorate their departments by introducing new product lines, new suppliers along with an injection of fresh thinking. Harry agrees to Agnes’ transfer to Ladies Fashion as a reward for Miss Ravillious’ smart and deft handling of the Suffragette crisis. Frank and Kitty indulge in some in-store flirtation. Rosalie is getting ready to attend her first society soiree at Lady Mae’s. Doris and Kitty run into Miss Bunting who can’t get a new job without a reference, and has fallen on hard times. Doris decides to talk to Mr Grove to see if there’s any way Miss Bunting could get a reference from Mr Selfridge. Agnes enlists the help of Henri who is more than willing to help her with her new position at the store and they end up sharing a kiss.

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