Trophy Wife Season 1 Episode 1 Pilot

They say the third time’s the charm, and reformed party girl Kate is hoping that’s true when she becomes Pete’s third wife. She fell into his arms (literally) at a karaoke bar, and a year later Kate’s got an insta-family, complete with three stepchildren and two ex-wives. Diane is ex-wife number one, an intense, over-achieving doctor and the mother of twin teenagers Hillary and Warren. Diane is quick to convey her withering disapproval of Kate’s barely tapped maternal instinct. Ex-wife number two, Jackie, is mother to adopted son Bert, and can pull Pete’s strings with her special blend of neurotic, new-ageyness. Juggling all this baggage is uncharted territory for Kate, who finds support with her best friend Meg, a party-hearty singleton and the only woman Kate knows who has less experience with kids than she has.

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