Wild at Heart Season 8 Episode 1

Episode Name:Season 8, Episode 1
Air date:12/29/2012
Summary:it’s New Year’s Eve at Leopard’s Den and Alice has returned. The stress though of attempting to combine work with caring for a baby is causing friction between her and Danny. Liv is not happy that Fatani hasn’t told his mother about their relationship. The family are devastated after three-legged cheetah, Cassidy, and his new mate are stolen by poachers. With the wedding just around the corner, a trip to the doctor brings devastating news for Du Plessis. Du Plessis realises that he must use his remaining time to try and fix his ailing family. He manages to persuade pilot Dylan to fly them all to Zimbabwe to rescue the cheetahs in the belief that the trip will convince Danny that his future son-in-law is worthy of becoming part of the family.

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